About Us
A World Class custom rubber molding, compounding & bonding company.

Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems (formerly Delta Rubber Company), is a world class provider of rubber molding, compounding and bonding services to the automotive and heavy truck industries. We specialize in tough, difficult-to-manufacture precision rubber components and subassemblies that operate in harsh environments.

The Delta Rubber Company, founded in 1957, was purchased by Hutchinson SA on November 30, 2015 and renamed Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems, Inc.

Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems is headquartered in Danielson, CT. Our 120 employees produce more than 70 million parts annually for some of North America’s most sophisticated manufacturers. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Hutchinson SA, a $4.6 billion company headquartered in Paris, France. 

Hutchinson is a leading global partner offering smart comfort and safety solutions for the aerospace, automotive and other industries who design and provide vibration control systems, fluid management systems, and sealing solution technologies with a special focus on energy efficiency & effectiveness. Hutchinson has more than 36,000 employees across 96 sites in 23 countries. We are part of Hutchinson’s Precision Sealing Systems Business Group.

Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems provides custom engineered solutions to the rubber molding, compounding and bonding industry. We specialize in developing custom solutions for harsh environments that can give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We have deep engineering and technical expertise in injection, transfer and compression molding technologies. More specifically, our core competencies include:

Custom rubber molding

Engineered compounding for harsh environments

Rubber-to-metal bonding technologies

Product design & prototyping

Automated assembly & test

Cryogenic de-flashing

Rescuing troubled projects

Over the years, Hutchinson PSS has earned a solid reputation for producing world class seals. While these markets have served Hutchinson PSS well over the years, if the company is to grow and realize its full potential, it must look to new markets where it can leverage its core competencies. Just doing what we’ve always done will not be good enough.

The seal markets are fairly volatile due to heavy reliance on the highly-cyclical, durable goods industries they serve. This cyclicality is further compounded by the commodity-like, non-differentiated nature of many seals. And, while aftermarket demand helps mitigate this volatility, pricing patterns and margins are strongly restrained by the maturity of the market, supplier consolidation and foreign competition.

Changes in end-user demands and increasing government regulations are driving innovations that require the use of advanced polymers, fillers and cure systems that cannot be made by just anyone. Our expertise and decades of experience pioneering these kinds of “emerging” technologies gives our customers’ products a competitive edge in the marketplace and helps them to avoid costly repairs to expensive machinery due to seal or bearing failure.