Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to attracting, developing and maintaining a diverse workforce that reflects the nature of our worldwide business. When filling employment opportunities, we look for associates who embrace challenge and thrive in a culture of change, innovation and integrity. We offer career opportunities that range from production to sales to engineering...and more.

Culture & Values
Superior performance is achieved when employees, managers and customers share certain key beliefs about our mutual responsibilities to one another. Read more.

Our extensive benefits package - medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability, retirement savings plans and more - offers flexibility, choice and value.  Read more. As a public company, our fundamental goal is to serve our customers, provide our employees with a safe, productive workplace and increase shareholder value.

Our ability to achieve these goals depends on our adherence to our core values:

  • Make our customers the focus of everything we do.
  • Invest in our people and customers
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Act with the highest honesty and integrity...even when it hurts
  • Protect our environment and our communities.
  • Say what we'll do...and do what we say
  • Accept nothing short of excellence
  • Our hope is to provide a corporate culture in which employees can achieve their full potential and make exceptional contributions that will be welcomed and rewarded.