About Our Rep Program
We want reps who can help our customers get to market faster and reduce costs.

Precision Rubber is an intensely competitive business that continues to undergo tremendous change as customers increasingly want fewer suppliers, tighter metrics, zero defects and greater accountability.

They want suppliers who can help take costs out of the manufacturing process and speed time-to-market. At the same time they want more value and lower pricing.

To help us build our business more effectively in this fast changing world of precision rubber components, Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems has developed a world class independent rep program that is specifically designed to:

  • Put more feet on the street
  • Leverage our reps’ existing contacts to shorten the prospect to customer process
  • Organize and support our independent reps
  • Provide better direction for our reps (and customers) in terms of the types of components & assemblies we are interested in quoting…and not quoting
  • Give our reps access to some of the industry’s best selling tools
  • Provide our reps with an attractive compensation structure
  • Establish and maintain operating & reporting procedures