How Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems Adds Value
Precision Rubber Molding We provide customers with proprietary solutions to difficult problems encountered in the production of precision rubber components and sub assemblies...whether it involves compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding or a combination of compression/transfer molding.
Engineered Compounding for Harsh Environments Our staff chemists work closely with customers to develop custom-engineered compounds specifically designed to meet their needs. This expertise creates value by giving our customers' products a competitive edge in the marketplace that allows them to command premium pricing.
Rubber-To-Metal Bonding Technologies We are the perfect partner for customers who need to bond traditional or exotic polymers to any type of substrate...including metal, powdered metal or conductive components. Statistical controls are used to facilitate the bonding process, ensuring consistent and predictable results.
Product Design, prototyping and engineering services Our people get involved early in the design process to help customers drive costs out the manufacturing process by eliminating parts, saving man hours and reducing the design lag that often accompanies the development and launch of new products. Our capabilities include product design analysis; CAD/prototyping; product testing; custom compound mixing; tool, die &mold design; and full R&D and testing labs.
Assembly & Test Capabilities When customers need more than a single piece product , we can provide a full range of assembly services including inserting metal or plastic components, installing mounting brackets. assembling complex parts that cannot be molded in one step...and more. In addition, inventory handling support and special packaging are always available for unusual shipping requirements.
Rescuing Troubled Projects We also deliver value by assisting our customers in the rescue of troubled suppliers and/or projects...whether it is a troubled supplier closing their doors, a supplier experiencing technical difficulty in "getting it right," loss of a plant due to natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornados, or complete line transfers that enable them to free up floor space for projects with higher margins.