Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems' Markets
Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems helps customers from around the world and in a variety of industries improve the performance of their products used in harsh environments through the intelligent use of engineering expertise, world class equipment and leading edge thinking.

By working with Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems, our customers have the opportunity to work closely with Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems's engineering, compounding and manufacturing experts to provide sealing solutions that are custom-made to meet their specific industry needs and applications. Click on any of the links below to learn more about the key markets we serve:

Hutchinson PSS Automotive is a world class provider of manufacturing services to the automotive industry. We specialize in tough, difficult-to-manufacture precision rubber components and subassemblies for harsh environments.

Industrial & Hydraulic
Hutchinson PSS Industrial has the expertise and equipment to manufacture a broad range of sealing solutions and high performance components and assemblies for the industrial & hydraulics industries.

Hutchinson PSS Energy is a world class provider of manufacturing services to the oil & gas, mining and power generation industries. We take great pride in providing solutions to problems others felt were insurmountable.

Agricultural & Construction Machinery  Hutchinson PSS Ag-Con provides a wide range of products and manufacturing services to the agricultural & construction equipment products industry...especially for applications that must operate in harsh environments.

Hutchinson PSS Defense is uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of sealing solutions for defense industry applications. We are particularly skilled at producing difficult-to-manufacture precision rubber components and subassemblies that must operate flawlessly in tough, harsh environments help protect our troops.