Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems works hand in hand with  our customers’ engineering teams to design and manufacture quality seals for use in harsh environments.  As a result, we produce more than 70 million seals annually.  The typical seal design process would involve taking customer application input, seal performance experience and research and test data to specify an appropriate seal design.

The Hutchinson PSS design process makes use of past experiences, benchmarking of competitive products, development and functional testing of the seal.  Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems will also use analytical techniques such as FEA to help filter design concepts.   We use leading edge Computer Aided Design software, work-stations and design tools to evaluate how our materials and designs will perform under a wide range of operational conditions. Drawings, models and design detail can easily be transferred in DXF, IGES, STEP and other formats.

Prototype development is done in a fully equipped laboratory dedicated to new product development and metrology.  Many other companies in the rubber industry don’t have dedicated resources to the prototyping function because they see it simply as a step that must be taken to get the purchase order.  At Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems , prototyping is a vital part of the new product development process.  We use it to validate and  “prove out”  the actual production process that  will be used to manufacture the product.  We consistently learn things in the prototyping stage that cut costs and improve speed to market.

Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems ’s product development team works closely with your engineering group and uses on-site seal testing and dedicated R&D resources to develop and test every new product and improve molding methods, automation and process improvements. 

Throughout the design process, our customers rely heavily on the knowledge and experience of our engineering team.  This team includes  Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems personnel, outside consultants  and outside services & testing.  The following is a list of skill sets available to our customers for seal design and development.

1.  Program Engineers
2.  Chemist
3.  Seal Test Technicians
4.  Rubber Lab Technicians
5.  Dimensional Technicians
6.  Manufacturing Process Engineers
7.  Outside Analytical Lab Rubber Analysis
8.  Outside Engineering Consultants