There are basically three forms of rubber molding: compression molding, transfer molding and injection molding.  Regardless of which one you need, Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems is uniquely qualified to assist you from design through production.  And, because we have long been at the forefront of lean manufacturing, we consistently help our customers drive cost out of the manufacturing process and get to market matter which form of rubber molding they choose.

Compression Molding

  • Material starts inside of cavity
  • Minimizes material usage
  • Lowest tool cost
  • "Overflows" required
  • Pre-forms required

Transfer Molding

  • Material starts outside the cavity, but in the mold pot
  • Transfer molding uses the most material of any processing method
  • Reduced parting line flash
  • Relatively low tool cost

Injection-Transfer Molding

  • Material starts outside of the mold
  • Uses less material than regular transfer molding
  • Reduced parting line flash
  • Best for high cost material that can’t be compression molded.
  • Balanced runner recommended